Specialized Ingredients

Nagano Prefecture’s Iiyama – an array of delicious items!

Iiyama City Rice

Delicious koshihikari rice that is also called Miyuki Rice because of its great taste and scarcity.

Miyuki Pork

The focal point of this pork is the sweetness and richness of the tender meat and fat.

A local pork that comes from just a few farms that have skilled breeding techniques and pigs raised with love.

Canola Flower Miyuki Eggs

Local rice is used in the feed that goes into producing local Iiyama eggs.


Tokiwa burdock root, taro, and peppers are some of Nagano’s traditional vegetables. Harvested in amounts so large that they are famous throughout the country, asparagus, mushrooms, and other local seasonal vegetables are used fresh from the field.

Careful thought is given to the health of our guests.

The menu limits salt and fat intake while making sure there is an adequate amount of vegetables.

Made using fresh seasonal ingredients, our cooking utilizes the flavors of the ingredients as they are along with the flavors of the soup stocks.

Mother’s home cooking made with produce grown right at home. Most of the ingredients used are direct from the grower.

From the rice ball fillings to the red bean paste, all the ingredients used are from the fields of mothers in the area.

We mainly use seasonal ingredients, which taste best when picked in season.

Look forward to the seasonal tastes that can only be enjoyed at select times.