Rice balls

Made fresh to order
Rice: Koshihikari rice locally grown in clean water
Nori (seaweed): Carefully selected nori from Kaneko Nori in Tsukiji, Tokyo
Fillings: Rice ball fillings all made from scratch

All varieties 130 yen/piece: Salted rice balls with miso pickles, pickled plum, ginger tsukudani (simmered in sweetened soy sauce), bitter gourd tsukudani, cucumber tsukudani, spicy miso, and more
All varieties 160 yen/piece: Salmon / cod roe
Miso soup set 300 yen

Sasazushi (Sushi wrapped in bamboo leaf)

Set Meals

Rice ball set meal 850 yen

Sasazushi set meal 700 yen

Set meal of the week 1,180 yen

* Contents vary with the season.

Temple town set meal 950 yen

Sasazushi, imo namasu (finely sliced potato in vinegar), ego seaweed, and other traditional local foods are served with homemade simmered foods, homemade pickles, and a small dessert, constituting a set meal loaded with local flavors.


Simmered dish set meal 690 yen / Miyuki Pork bowl 750 yen

Single Items

Imo namasu 250 yen / Ego 350 yen / Assorted pickles 350 yen


Oyaki dumpling 220 yen

Nira senbei (chive pancake) 300 yen

Konetsuke (rice dumpling) 300 yen

Red perilla soft-serve ice cream 380 yen

Made with homemade perilla juice, a popular drink found in the area during the summer.

Snack set 600 yen

A value set that lets you try each of the local snacks